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Safety first

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Here at Kool Kidz Daycare Center we believe in safety first.

Our team members and staff are well trained to take care of your child's needs. Here at Kool Kidz Daycare Center we believe the safety of your child is out top priority.

“Only you can control your future.” - Dr. Seuss

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Our expert pediatric panel + staff training We’ve partnered with Dr. Tress Goodwin and Dr. Joelle Simpson—our expert team of disaster preparedness pediatricians. They are helping us develop industry-leading childcare guidelines. And, before getting the green light to reopen, every center’s staff has completed an additional health and safety training program specific to pandemic response.

Health and safety just for your baby Our smallest students need special attention. We’re here for them—and you— every step of the way:

  • Daily health screenings for children, their families, and our staff include temperature checks and wellness questions before entering our buildings.

  • Classroom “Pods” keep children and teachers in small groups that do not mix, to limit exposure to other children and staff.

  • Cleanliness and sanitation protocols are expanded to keep toys, materials, and high-touch surfaces clean after each baby’s use.

  • Naptime distancing will keep babies six feet apart, and families will launder personal bedding supplies nightly.

  • Face masks are always worn by all adults (families and staff) in our center. In our infant classroom, teachers also wear smocks for close contact.

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