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Kool Kidz Daycare Introduction - CEO Joshua Olatunde

Kool Kidz Daycare Introduction - CEO Joshua Olatunde

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Kool Kidz Daycare Centers is dedicated to the care, learning and growth of toddlers and school-aged children.  Established in 2021, we provide introductory learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).  In addition, our team offers top-tier childcare services with curriculum focused on reading, art and personal growth.  All children should acquire social, emotional and cognitive skills during childcare hours - and we're excited to work with you and your child.  

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Meet Joshua Olatunde

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Born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, Joshua relied on mentors in his community to navigate his environment.  He was a member of a local wrestling club which kept him mentally stimulated through sports.  It also assisted with his grades and interest in higher-learning.  Hard work, persistence and dedication to his goals were embedded in his mind at an early age, allowing Joshua to succeed as a student - eventually earning him both academic and athletic college scholarships.  

Mr. Olatunde completed his undergraduate degree at Hunter College in New York City, where he majored in Physics and English.  There, he also began working as a Beacon Program Tutor and Coordinator to elementary students in the Bronx before interning on Wall Street with JP Morgan-Chase and Lehman Brothers.  Post-grad work at Harvard University allowed Joshua to work as a secondary school Science Teacher in Southwest Africa.  


In 2018, he wrote curriculum that was approved by The Center for Energy & Workforce Development (CEWD) as a national standard.

He began his work in education in the late nineties, serving as an elementary school Math and Science Tutor in New York City.  There, he learned the importance of leveraging arts-based lessons to impact youth and subsequently began working as playwright to several regional children’s theatre companies.  Mr. Olatunde was contracted with stages across the U.S and eventually wrote several award-winning educational television scripts while producing creative internet content for youth. 

He’s worked as an Instructor with programs at New York City Public Schools, John’s Hopkins University, UCLA and Harvard University.  Mr. Olatunde holds degrees and certifications from CUNY-Hunter College and Harvard University.


Since, Mr. Olatunde has coordinated and instructed programs for youth at UCLA and Johns Hopkins University.  Today, he serves as a Board Member to TCI Solutions; a workforce development agency in partnership with Fortune 500 Companies globally.  

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